5 Things You Must Know About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition that stems from a specific type of brain injury. Even though the cause of this condition is consistent from case to case, the symptoms are not. When you’re dealing with an individual who has cerebral palsy, there are going to be some variables that you should be aware of.

1: Some People Aren’t Cognitively Disabled

Not everybody was cerebral palsy has a cognitive impairment. It’s important to remember this because, sometimes, people tend to speak to others who have cerebral palsy in a rather condescending manner. Take your cues from the person you’re talking to as far as their capacity to interact with people is concerned.

2: Odd Movements are Normal

Cerebral palsy affects the muscles: the people with this condition sometimes have odd twitches or ticks that may catch you off guard. These are completely normal for people with this condition.

3. Pain is Sometimes an Issue

Sometimes, the spasms that cerebral palsy causes are extremely painful. If you’ve made a new friend was cerebral palsy, there may be days when they can’t really go anywhere because they’re extremely uncomfortable with muscle spasms. If they live by themselves or even with a caregiver, ask if you can pick up anything for them at the store or take care of other errands for them. This can be a big help.

4. Speech and Hearing Are Sometimes Difficult

Again, because cerebral palsy affects the muscles, speech is sometimes very difficult for people with this condition. Speaking requires sophisticated movements of the muscles in the face, so people with cerebral palsy sometimes have slurred or hard to understand speech. You’ll understand them better with time. Many people with cerebral palsy have hearing disabilities, so it’s sometimes easier if you make certain that you’re facing them when you speak so that they can also watch your mouth move while you talk.

5. Sometimes, Only Certain Subjects Are Difficult

If you’re in high school or college, you may run into people with cerebral palsy who are very adept students except for in one particular subject. Difficulties with math are not uncommon with people with cerebral palsy. Sometimes, your friends with cerebral palsy may need a little bit of assistance here and there dealing with certain subjects, but not so much with other subjects that they’re particularly good at.

Cerebral palsy causes a lot of different symptoms and the treatment of cerebral palsy can vary significantly, as well, depending upon the individual’s needs.

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