Cerebral Palsy in Infants: The Consequences

Cerebral palsy in infants carries with it some very serious consequences. This injury is caused, in most cases, by deprivation of oxygen to the brain. In some cases, this occurs because the child is left for too long in a position where they cannot get oxygen during birth. In other cases, cerebral palsy manifests later on in life, due to another brain injury. In some cases where it occurs at birth, the causes have to do with medical negligence. No matter how it happens, however, the consequences can be very severe.

In some cases, children born with cerebral palsy have a normal intelligence. In many cases, however, they have severe learning disabilities. On top of this, they generally have trouble hearing, speaking and seeing, which leads to further difficulties in school. So the consequences of this injury are very much social and their nature.

Children with cerebral palsy oftentimes have trouble getting around. One of the most characteristic symptoms of this injury is trouble walking. This means that it’s more difficult for them to spend time with friends and to take care of everyday needs. This can make the condition somewhat ostracizing and, sometimes, the problems with mobility are severe enough that the child will need an electric wheelchair or another expensive device to be able to get around at all.

Because cerebral palsy is the result of a brain injury, there is no chance that it will ever heal. The good news is that it doesn’t get more severe with time. The symptoms may worsen, however, and the child may require more intensive forms of assistance and medical care as they get older. In most cases, children who are afflicted with this birth injury do require some degree of medical assistance throughout their lives.

For families of children who suffer this condition, one of the most significant consequences is the expense. Medical treatments are not inexpensive and, if medical negligence was at issue, there’s no reason that parents should have to foot these bills on their own. Talking to an attorney may be the first step in finding out whether or not you’re entitled to a jury award or whether or not the doctor or hospital is likely to try to settle any lawsuit that’s brought against them. Speak with an attorney to find out whether or not there’s a chance that you could receive compensation.

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