Could Alternative Therapies Help with CP Symptoms?

There is almost always a debate between scientific medicine and traditional forms of medicine. Generally speaking, scientific medicine is what people rely upon when they have infections, broken bones or other conditions that are life-threatening and that require immediate and specific types of treatment. Alternative therapies include practices such as acupuncture and acupressure that are not entirely accepted by the mainstream but that are used by millions of people around the world. Acupressure and acupuncture, in fact, are used by some cerebral palsy sufferers.

What Are These Treatments?

It’s important to understand what acupuncture and acupressure are before you decide whether or not they may help you or a child with cerebral palsy. A news story on recently reported that a Malaysian child has done well with acupressure massage, though the evidence is completely anecdotal in the story. Before you abandon your doctor, remember that neither of these treatment types are rooted in science.

Science vs. Tradition

Acupuncture and acupressure are based upon a system of meridians that are believed to channel energy through the body. If you dissected a human body, you would find no physical structures that conform to the meridians upon which acupuncturists rely. You’d also be very hard pressed to find way to measure, or even define, the energy that these practitioners claim to manipulate. These are both among the reasons that this type of therapy is not accepted as legitimate by many mainstream doctors, though it is increasingly being allowed in hospitals as a treatment option.

Whether or not this treatment works for you or your child is something you’ll have to determine on your own. What’s important, however, is that you always consult with a properly-trained medical doctor before beginning or ending any treatment. Acupuncturists simply do not have the same level of training in anatomy that medical doctors have and they don’t have the depth of knowledge about neurology or other sciences that aid in the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Birth injuries oftentimes cause cerebral palsy. If your child was injured during the birthing process because of a negligent doctor or healthcare facility, contact a Texas CP lawyer. They may be able to put together a lawsuit that could win you and your family compensation for the pain and suffering that you’ve been through, as well as the medical expenses that you’ll inevitably face because of the injuries your child suffered.

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