How Would I Go About Hiring A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer?

A cerebral palsy attorney might be able to help you if your child was a victim of the many birth mistakes that happen in hospitals every year. Cerebral palsy is the result of a brain injury. That brain injury can occur in many ways, but it’s sometimes the result of one form of medical negligence or another. When this is the case, juries will sometimes find that the parents are entitled to compensation from the healthcare facility or the doctor responsible for the injuries.

Finding a Lawyer

There are some lawyers that handle a lot of cases on behalf of families that have been affected by a birth injury. They have the expertise required to make sure that these families have the best chances of winning the claims that they bring. In some cases, the medical investigations into the cause of the child’s CP might make it obvious that negligence was a factor. In other cases, however, the lawyer may have to do more investigation with their own experts to determine how negligence played a part.

A lawyer with experience handling these cases will understand how to establish medical negligence, but they’ll need to meet with you to determine whether there is a good likelihood that medical negligence was a factor at all. This consultation is usually free, so you can meet with the attorneys at no risk to yourself and see whether or not your case has a chance of winning in court. They cannot tell you for sure whether or not it will win, but these attorneys will sometimes work on contingency. When they work on contingency, they don’t get paid unless they win, so you can be sure that any attorney that works with you under such an arrangement feels that there is a good chance of your case being a winner.

A jury may award part of the damages that you’re seeking or all of the damages that you’re seeking. They may also opt to turn down your claim altogether. If you have a particularly strong case, the other party may want to settle the claim out of court. In these instances, you and your attorney are offered a sum of money to drop the case. If the amount offered is acceptable to you, you avoid the costs of going to court and the risk that the jury may find against you in exchange for taking the settlement amount offered.

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