Learning about Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, sometimes abbreviated CP, is a condition that stems from brain damage. Most often, cerebral palsy in infants arises from causes that could not have been avoided using any modern medical technology. There are, however, some cases were medical negligence directly plays a role in the child suffering the brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy. If you want to learn more cerebral palsy facts, there are great resources out there that include foundations that work with the sufferers of cerebral palsy, as well as organizations that exist to offer support to the parents of children with cerebral palsy.

In cases where medical negligence played a role in the child developing cerebral palsy, it’s important to take a look at the viability of filing a lawsuit. A lawsuit may enable you to recover damages from the party responsible for your child developing cerebral palsy. While this condition can result from a host of natural causes, some children would have never suffered this brain injury if it weren’t for some sort of negligence during the birthing process.

Negligence doesn’t just apply to the doctors. Nurses can be sued for negligence as can the institution at which the child was born. If anyone involved in providing healthcare to you and your child fail to live up to their duties to you as a patient, there may be an opportunity to recover damages by going to court and arguing a claim.

Cerebral palsy claims can be explored with an attorney at no cost. Find an attorney who works on contingency and, most of the time, you’ll find that they will also offer you a free consultation where they’ll discuss with you whether or not you have a case that’s likely to win. If you do, they may be willing to take it up. Under a contingency agreement, you don’t have to pay them anything unless they win your claim.

There are two ways that people win cerebral palsy claims. The most common way to win the claim is after having it heard by a jury. The other way that people win these claims is by receiving a settlement from the party that they’re suing. There’s no way to guarantee that your claim will be a winner. A good attorney, however, can sit down with you and let you know whether or not your claim has a good enough chance of winning to merit having heard in court.


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