Medical Negligence and Cerebral Palsy

Medical negligence is sometimes the most proximate cause of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy results from injuries to the child’s brain. These injuries may occur shortly after the child is born, during the process of birth or before the child is born. These injuries are sometimes caused by unavoidable circumstances that are entirely natural, but sometimes not. When medical negligence is an issue, you may be able to sue the doctor or healthcare provider responsible for the situation.

Medical negligence doesn’t mean incompetence. It means that the doctor did not do what could reasonably be expected of them and that someone suffered as a result. It takes a lawyer to determine whether or not there’s a chance you could win a lawsuit over negligence. Even if they believe that you could, there’s no way to guarantee that your case will win once it goes to court. There are several ways that these cases can turn out.

The jury may find wholly against you and decline to offer you any portion of the money you’re seeking in damages. They may also find that you deserve some compensation, but not the entire amount that you’re seeking. In some cases, the jury may find that your child and your family are entitled to all of the damages that you’re seeking and may hand out the entire award.

There is also a chance that the institution or doctor that you’re suing will want to settle with you. This means that they offer you a sum of money in exchange for your not pursuing the case any further. If this happens, your attorney will help you to negotiate an appropriate sum. Be aware, however, that the other party may not offer enough to make it worth your while to settle. If they do offer a settlement, it’s probably because they believe that you have a good chance of winning and they’re trying to cut their losses by avoiding the fees associated with going to court.

If your attorney believes that you have a good case, see if they’ll work on contingency. A cerebral palsy lawyer who works on contingency does not get paid unless they actually win a settlement or a jury award for your family. You can find a Dallas cerebral palsy attorney willing to meet with you for free, in most cases, as this is part of a contingency agreement and they need to meet you to determine if you have a case.


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