What Damages Do Parents Sue Over in a Cerebral Palsy Claim?

Before you get the idea that cerebral palsy automatically means that your child will suffer severe and debilitating problems, understand that this is not always the case. There are doctors and lawyers who have CP. There are some cases of this disorder, however, that result in severe disability and that is why parents sometimes end up suing the doctor or healthcare provider.

People are generally aware of the problems that CP sufferers have with movement and those problems do constitute the worst of what they suffer. There are other conditions, however, that result from this brain injury that can be just as devastating.

Mental Impairment

Some people with CP end up suffering severe mental impairment. They may never be able to handle their own bills, live on their own, cook their own food or complete school. Such individuals need help getting by in life and their parents sometimes choose to sue the healthcare provider so that their child will get the assistance they need, at least in financial terms.

Speech and Hearing

Speech and hearing are very much related and CP sufferers sometimes have trouble with both. In people who have dyskinetic cerebral palsy, they oftentimes have trouble controlling the muscles in their face. This means that speech is sometimes very difficult for them. People who have CP sometimes have very severe hearing problems, as well. This can complicate speech problems and, of course, it can affect their quality of life in general.


Sometimes, CP sufferers really cannot see very well. This isn’t because of their eyes but, rather, it’s because of the muscles that control their eyes. If their body cannot control those muscles, their eyes may not line up properly and that may cause problems with their vision. This can translate to problems reading or performing other tasks.

Precise Movement

Some people with CP start to shake uncontrollably when they try to control their muscles. This can mean that holding a pen, picking up a glass of water and performing other tasks is impossible.

If you contact a lawyer for cerebral palsy help, they may be able to explain to you what you may want to include in your suit at your initial consultation. They’ll need to make sure that you do have a good lawsuit, however. Not all of them are likely to win and they’ll want to make sure that yours is likely to win before they take you as a client.


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