Why You May Consider Suing for Cerebral Palsy

When the family is already dealing with the fallout of cerebral palsy, filing a cerebral palsy lawsuit is probably not the first thing on their mind. Even though it may seem intimidating to go ahead and take this action, there are good reasons that you may want to consider doing it. They start with the economics of the entire affair, which may work quite a bit differently than you think.


Whenever somebody mentions lawyers, the first thing that people usually think about is high fees. If you are already dealing with a child who has cerebral palsy and trying to find a way to provide them with adequate treatment, paying for a lawyer’s services may seem out of the question. There are some ways that you may be able to make this affordable for you, however.

Some of the best Texas cerebral palsy attorneys work on contingency. This is an arrangement where they don’t charge their clients any legal fees unless the attorney actually manages to win a settlement or to win a jury award for their client. They also don’t charge upfront fees under these arrangements, as it’s not clear until the case is heard whether or not there will be any fees at all. If you’re worried about being able to pay your lawyer bills, this is an arrangement that will allow you to pursue a lawsuit without having the type of money required to hire an attorney up front.

Settlements and Awards

The first thing you need to understand about settlements and awards is that there is no guarantee that you will get either. A good attorney can help you, however, to put together a case that has a chance of winning in court. They do this by trying to establish something to the jury: that a doctor or other healthcare provider was negligent in the delivery of care to you and your child.

Negligence does not mean incompetence. It simply means that, in your particular case, the physician or other healthcare provider failed to deliver the standard of care expected of them and, because of that failure, your child suffered a brain injury. If the lawyer can establish this, there is a chance that a jury may award you enough money to pay for the medical expenses that you have already had to pay and the future medical expenses that your child will have to pay for their own care.

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