Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits and How They Work

Cerebral palsy lawsuits are filed when medical negligence is believed to be the cause of the injury that the child suffered. Negligence means that the medical staff didn’t perform as well as they could have reasonably been expected to perform and, because of that, the child suffered the injuries. A cerebral palsy lawyer can craft a legal action in these cases that sometimes persuade a jury to award damages.

What are Settlements?

Settlements are when the party you’re suing opts to offer money instead of going to court. When your birth injury attorney has a particularly strong lawsuit to work with, the doctor’s insurance company may want to pay off the plaintiff so that they avoid paying court costs for a case that they’re going to lose anyway. In some cases, the sum they offer may be worthwhile. Make sure you don’t negotiate this with them without talking to your attorney, however. They always have the advantage if you do it this way.

Going to Court

If the other party does decide to go to a jury trial, your lawyer will make sure that you are ready for it. The trail can be stressful, but your attorney will make sure you know how to handle the stress and will make sure that you stay steady and focused. The attorney will also make sure that your case is argued in the most compelling fashion possible. Sometimes, attorneys can get very large awards for these cases. When a child suffers because of a physician’s negligence, an attorney can oftentimes make sure that the jury knows what happened and why the physician, or the healthcare facility, should be held liable for that.

Getting Started

The most important thing is not to wait for too long. There are limitations on how long after the fact you can file lawsuits, so you should speak to an attorney, even if you’re not certain you want to press ahead with a suit at the time. They’ll meet with you for a free consultation, in some cases, and let you explore your options to see what you might be able to do with the case. If the case looks good to them, they may take you on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t have to pay them anything unless you win and, of course, that you don’t have to pay upfront fees, which allows you to pursue the case.

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One comment on “Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits and How They Work
  1. Naileth says:

    i too have mild cerebral palsy and have been rinnung since I was in middle school. my senior year in hs i was the 11th fastest female 2 mile runner in the state. i went on to run in college for a couple of years before the training got to be too much. the hardest part was being injured so much. i spent lot of time in the rehab room. now at 28 i run on my own. last year i completed a half marathon in 1:59:31 while pushing a young man with severe cp ina racing chair and i plan on doing it again this year.

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