Cerebral Palsy Treatment Options

Cerebral palsy cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be treated. Cerebral palsy is the result of a brain injury, so the root of the condition can never be treated. However, the symptoms are defined by a lack of control over the muscles and uneven muscle tone, and by and large these can be treated.

Muscle Issues

Injections, medication and treatments using temperatures are sometimes utilized to help lessen the muscle stiffness and other issues that CP sufferers endure. These treatments can sometimes give the patient some increased use of their muscles, and over time doctors may be able to find treatments that work for some people better than others. This will be part of the treatment process, and with some experience the physical therapists and doctors may be able to provide a lot of comfort and increased mobility.

Cognitive Issues

Sometimes, the most severe symptoms CP sufferers endure have to do with cognitive development. In more severe cases, a person with CP may be several years behind their age group intellectually. This sometimes means that a child with CP may need help in school or may need special schooling altogether. Having a child with cognitive impairment isn’t the same has having a child who will never get to experience the joy of learning new things, and special education can get surprising results. It will take more work, however, and that sometimes means that there will be significant expenses involved.


Unfortunately, society is sometimes pretty cruel to those who they deem as different. Children with cerebral palsy may have some trouble finding and making friends, as well as finding activities they can participate in. Fortunately, there are organizations out there that work hard to make sure that everyone has the opportunities they need. Also, over the years many attitudes have changed a lot toward people with disabilities. Getting social time in with peers is as important for children with CP as it is for any other child, particularly if the cognitive impairments are minimal.


One of the reasons that people oftentimes hire a cerebral palsy lawyer is because they cannot pay for the treatments that their child will need. There is no reason that parents who have a child who has suffered this injury due to medical negligence should be left out of the opportunity to provide the best for their child. If a doctor, nurse or healthcare facility was responsible for causing this injury in your child, contact an attorney.

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