Three Important CP Treatment Devices

Depending upon what type of cerebral palsy your child has, you’ll have to get different types of treatments for them. For instance, someone with ataxic cerebral palsy will likely have a lot of trouble walking and there are specific devices that can help. Someone with dyskinetic cerebral palsy may have trouble with all muscle control and benefit from specific treatments. Here are three things you can count on having to pay for to help your child deal with the symptoms of this condition.

1: Mobility Assistance Devices

There is a huge spectrum of devices available that fall under this category. Some of them are simple, such as crutches and canes. Others are very elaborate, such as electric wheelchairs and the more expensive walkers on the market. The device that your child needs will need to be determined by a doctor and may cost well over a thousand dollars, depending upon how much help they need getting around.

2: Hearing Aides

A lot of people who suffer from cerebral palsy have somewhat diminished hearing. They also tend to have trouble with speech and these problems are sometimes related, though speech problems can also manifest because of the child having trouble controlling the muscles of their face. Hearing aids can be very expensive but they’ll be a necessity for children to be able to participate in normal activities and conversations. Speech therapy can also cost a very significant amount of money but may help children to gain confidence and to participate in activities with other children more.

3: Medical Treatments

There is a huge range of medical treatments that are used to help sufferers of CP. Some of them are simple things such as medications and injections. Others are far more complex, such as therapies that are designed to relax the muscles, stem cell treatments from the child’s own umbilical cord and so forth. There are also electrical devices that can sometimes help people get around better by stimulating the nerves and making sure that the child has adequate control over their muscles.

Paying for these devices and treatments can be very expensive. If you’re worried about paying for these costs, consider asking an attorney about whether or not filing a lawsuit over medical negligence is an option. It’s not always an option, but if medical negligence caused your child’s CP you should certainly speak with a qualified attorney about the matter.

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